Dent Removal

Have you ever worked a car with a dent in the roof, trunk, or hood 
that is so big, it holds water?
Then you know what I’m talking about when I say
”Bird Bath Dent”. You know, the kind where you have to pump the water
out before you can work it?
They can happen on the sides too, these we just call
This kind of dent is so deep and stretched, there’s almost
 no hope of fixing them with paintless dent repair so you think about extensive dent removal. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

Every dent is different, which means every dent repair method is just as unique. This post’s tips will focus on large dent removal, typically at least a few inches long by a few inches wide. Smaller dents can be popped out or filled in using less intricate methods. To choose the tools that will help you complete the job with the most precision and the least amount of force, you need to measure the dent’s length and depth.

Body hammers and dollies are the two tool types you’ll employ for your dent removal. Because these tools come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and weights, it’s essential that you match the hammer and dolly you use to the dent’s depth and curvature. Choose the most modest-sized hammer that can still do the job and the dolly whose shape most resembles the dented area’s shape. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

On the other hand many dents and dings can now be repaired without using a drop of fresh paint. PDR is a technique that uses special tools to remove dents from vehicles without the need for repainting. Paintless dent removal has become widely used over the past decade. Yet consumers continue to pay over-priced collision repair bills because they are unaware that the PDR process exists.
 Specially fabricated tools and techniques for PDR were developed for dent removal up to the size of a football. Whether it’s a ding on your bumper or a door-panel dent, at the Dent shop, we have the tools and experience to complete the PDR process. Once the process is complete, the dent is no longer visible. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880