Paintless Hail Repair

Once the storm has passed, take a look at your car. If the hail was large in size, the damage may be obvious. Your vehicle may not be drivable if it has a smashed windshield. Walk around the entire vehicle to check the condition of the headlights, taillights, and the roof of the car. With smaller hail, the damage may not be visible until you get close to your car. If you can, get your vehicle in direct light. When the light shines on the car, you may notice a dimple effect that looks like a golf ball. Look for missing paint. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

Take close up and wider photos to show the full extent of the damage. This will be helpful for the insurance company and auto body shop. There are many cases where paintless hail repair can be used to take out minor dings, if they are not on seams, contour lines or near edges. Paintless dent repair is not only used for minor dings, but can also be used for hail damage. The benefit for our customers is cost savings and quick turn around. Most paintless hail repair can be done in one day. Our professional service writers can inform you if PDR will be to your advantage. If the dent is too deep or if the paint is damaged, then this method of repair might not fit your needs. If so, we will be happy to give you a written estimate, free of charge, for traditional repairs. Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations.

When you get an estimate, find out if the technicians are certified by the manufacturer and to perform PDR. This ensures the repairs meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether your car needs auto body repair, or if Paintless hail repair will be sufficient. Take a close look at the damage, and weigh the pros and cons of Paintless hail repair before making a final decision. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

PDR works well to repair most hail damage. It has been proven to be effective enough for hail damage repair that some insurance companies will set up temporary PDR facilities after a hailstorm to take care of the damage. This method saves time and money, compared to collision repair. Because it leaves the original paint in place, your car will maintain its original factory paint. You want someone well-trained to perform this repair because it requires accessing the back side of the panel where the damage is located, then rubbing and shrinking the dent with special tools. This is a faster process than standard auto body repair.

However, if you have paint damage caused by the hail stones, then your vehicle will require collision repair. The PDR process does not include paint work and auto body repair does. Take your vehicle to a certified collision repair shop when you need paintless hail repair. This ensures the paint work matches the original factory paint. Any dents close to a panel’s edge or large dents may require collision repair and not PDR. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


Differences Between Paintless Dent Repair And Traditional Dent Repair

Traditional dent repair fills in auto body dents with paint or body filler, which is then matched to the rest of the vehicle’s exterior. While this process can make a vehicle look as good as new, it doesn’t address the actual dent in a way that is a sustainable, long-term solution. It’s also time-consuming, expensive and can impact the re-sale value of your vehicle.

Paintless Hail Repair, on the other hand, requires no fillers and no sanding. More and more consumers are finding PDR to be an effective and inexpensive alternative to getting minor repairs done at a body shop. PDR offers more “bang for your buck” than traditional dent repair methods and is a great way to care for the condition of your vehicle’s exterior affordably. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880