Auto Hail Damage

auto hail damage to your vehicle from weather is almost always difficult to prevent and can be extremely frustrating. Hailstorms can be potentially fatal for a vehicle, resulting in dents, exterior scrapes, and even a cracked windshield.

Auto hail damage is serious business. Automotive hail repair is serious business in Colorado. Colorado is the second largest state behind Texas for hail storms for data from 2003-2015. Hailstones can range in size from small pea-sized hail to large, softball size hailstones. Hail storms show no mercy when they hit and don’t discriminate on the damage they cause to residential homes, commercial businesses (small and large alike), automobiles, farms, wildlife, crops. Hail storms can generate hailstones large enough to cause fatalities and loss of life with humans, which we’ve been fortunate here in Texas to avoid to this day.

Hail storms sometimes take some seconds and sometimes more than 10 minutes. Large damage can happen, such as cracked windows/windshields, chipped paint, broken tail lights or headlights. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

In the past, auto hail damage was repaired in an auto body shop. Repair times were typically long, invasive, and expensive. Hail damage was treated much in the same was as collision damage. Damaged panels would be removed and the hail damaged was either hammered out or holes were drilled to pull the dents out from the outside surface of the panel. If the dents were hammered out, the auto body technician would prepare the panel surface for repainting by sanding, buffing, and priming the refurbished and repaired surfaces. Smaller dents and dimples would be patched and also prepared for repainting. At our paintless dent repair shop, we use a series of tools that resemble thin rods. The rods vary in size and length depending on the severity of dent. With these tools, our technicians can push out the dent from the inside of the panel. With this technique, the paint is not disturbed, therefore repainting is not necessary. In fact, when the auto hail damage has been repaired, the factory paint warranty remains intact.

As a result, auto hail damage is faster, cheaper, environmentally friendly, and has become your insurance companies preference for auto hail damageThe Dent Shop(469) 233-5880