Car Dent Repair

Little dents in your car are incredibly frustrating. Sometimes just a ding in a car park can cause noticeable damage to the bodywork. And many car owners are turning to dent pullers to try and repair car dents themselves.

As the name suggests, these dent removal kits pull dents from the outside, unlike Paintless Dent Removal techniques, which push dents out from the interior. They are widely available and cheap to buy.  But do they really work?

Before you attempt a DIY dent removal, read our advice on when to use dent pullers, what types are available and when it’s better to choose professional dent removal to repair car dents.

In some cases they do, but you need to be aware of all of the factors that determine whether or not dent pullers work so that you know which one to use and what technique is best. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

However, there are two basic types that will be discussing here:

These work by attaching to your car with suction, allowing you to pull the dent out. They work the very much same way as a toilet plunger.

There are many different designs of car dent puller that uses a suction cup design to repair car dents out of your car’s body panels. However, of these many different designs, the differences are mostly aesthetic differences in looks. The 2 main types of suction cup style dent pullers are those that encompass nothing more than the suction cup and the handle and those that have the suction cup between two hands or pads on either end of a rod with the suction cup in the middle. The first kind of car dent puller is mainly for pulling deeper or larger diameter dents from body panels. The other type is made for more controlled dent pulling of smaller dents. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

If you are looking for the most non-technical dent puller then no other option is as suitable as a suction cup dent puller.

The impactful construction of this dent puller is really appreciable. It is rugged and made with a high-quality nylon material that gives it the strength required by a suction cup.

The quality of rubber is heavy-duty in the making of this product. It makes the suction cup airtight when you latch it on the dent area.

Now, the handle is also made of a high-end material that is too strong to pull out the dents on the metal. It is a quick release handle that is capable of different kind of applications. Plus, this leaves no need for drilling and after-finish to the suction cup. The diameter of 4” is sufficient for many users to repair car dents. It can handle smaller dents with utmost ease. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


Aluminium Suction Cup Dent Puller is heavy-duty, too. This one can lift up the dent in the very first application.

It’s the construction of the product that makes it super effective and durable enough. It will simply win your trust because of the high-quality rubber that seamlessly grips the area around the dent to create a vacuum and then pull up the dent.

The grip of this product is quite strong that other than the dent removal, you can also use it for moving the flat products in your garage.

The durable aluminium made handles are very strong and sturdy. Plus, they are completely impact-resistant which means they can endure the wear and tear of the outdoor exposure.

The diameter is sufficient enough to undertake smaller dents to medium-sized dents. This product will make you escape frequent visits to the car repair station to repair car dents. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


Glue dent pullers are a little different. Basically, you glue a flat pulling tab into the dent and allow the glue to dry somewhat so that you can pull it out. The problem with this method is that you need to make sure beforehand that the glue is not going to cause your car more damage than the dent did.

This product can be used for a wide range of applications. The mini hot melt glue gun available with the kit to repair car dents in an easy way. Plus, it can be used for various home repair DIY tasks as well. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

About the components of the kit, there is a bridge dent puller with 5 pieces glue tabs which is perfect for paint-less repairs of the car. These are highly effective to take out any kind of small dents visible on the automobile.

Other than the dent removal, the product is also useful in hail damages and car door ding paintless repairs in no time. It hardly takes half an hour in an application and gives you a perfect dent free car.

Considering the fact that no chemicals and toxic materials are used while using the product, this is a 100% environment-friendly process that protects your car paint. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

Do they work?

Dent pullers only work on shallow dents on flat, flexible surfaces. They can improve the appearance of dents but probably won’t create a perfect finish. But these tools will not work on deep, angular dents or damage along the edges of bodywork. Dents in areas of thick metal will also be very difficult to repair car dents at home.

Finally, do not attempt to use a dent puller on damaged paintwork – you may cause more damage. Professional dent removal services will always The Dent Shop first. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880