Hail Damage

Hail is a form of solid precipitation where frozen rain forms into layered pellets and falls in showers from cumulonimbus clouds. The individual balls or irregular lumps of ice are referred to as hailstones. Although ice is generally associated with cold temperatures, that is not true for the formation of hail.

Hail is possible within two nautical miles of the parent storm in any thunderstorm. Hail can severely damage cars and plants. The severity of the hail damage depends on the size of the hailstones and the time of the year that the hailstorm occurs.The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

Hail damage is a deceptive and serious threat to automobiles throughout the U.S. and abroad, causing in excess of $1 billion in damages to property and crops each year. Even the smallest hail can cause damage to aircraft, automobiles, and crops young plantings.

Most hail storms last only about 5-6 minutes, but the hail damage caused can be extensive. Much of the damage is cosmetic: dings and dents. But in a fierce hail storm, a windshield and other glass may be shattered.The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

In the United States, hail is most prevalent where Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming meet; an area coined Hail Alley. Cheyenne, Wyoming ranks as the number one most prone city in the United States for a hailstorm.

The one thing we can count on in Northeast Ohio is that the weather is unpredictable. Severe storms can seriously damage your house, car, and make driving more hazardous. Your car can easily be beaten up with dents due to hail damage. Fixing hail damage can cost more than you think because the damage is commonly widespread throughout the entire vehicle.The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

If you have liability only insurance, unfortunately, you will not be covered for a hail damage claim. Both hail and storm damage is covered on car insurance policies which have “comprehensive coverage” on the damaged vehicle. Comprehensive coverage needs to be purchased before damage occurs to the vehicle. Generally speaking, if you have collision coverage on your auto policy, you also have comprehensive coverage.


Hail Damage Deductibles

Just like any other category of insurance, there is a deductible that must be paid by the insured before the insurance company will pay the remaining balance of the bill.

For auto insurance, the amount really depends on the insurance type and level of coverage. The national average cost obligation for an auto hail repair with a comprehensive insurance policy is $500.

Comprehensive insurance is also the only level of coverage that will pay to repair hail damage or any other damage caused by Mother Nature. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880