Hail Damage Repair

There are many methods associated with repairing hail damage on automobiles. Some of these are valid and some are simply myths. The main insurance approved hail damage repair methods are paintless dent repair and conventional repairs. Some of the other methods that have not been proven or have actually been disproven are dry ice, leaving the vehicle out in the sun and so on.

If your vehicle is not totaled by a hailstorm, you have options for hail damage repair. The choices depend on how bad and the type of damage to your vehicle.

There are some types of repairing hail damages. When the hail is not small, and it leaves dimples on your car similar to the look of a ball, you may choose paintless dent repair (PDR) for your vehicle. Find great paintless dent repair locations that have technicians who are certified to perform PDR. This ensures the repairs meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether your car needs auto body repair, or if paintless dent repair will be sufficient. Take a close look at the damage, and weigh the pros and cons of hail damage repair before making a final decision. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


PDR works well to repair most hail damage. It has been proven to be effective enough for hail damage repair that some insurance companies will set up temporary PDR facilities after a hailstorm to take care of the damage. There are some benefits to PDR. It will maintain the original factory paint on your vehicle, avoid negative reports if you plan to sell the vehicle soon, and it saves time and money. This method saves time and money, compared to collision repair. Because it leaves the original paint in place, your car will maintain its original factory paint. You want someone well-trained to perform this repair because it requires accessing the back side of the panel where the damage is located, then rubbing and shrinking the dent with special tools. This is a faster process than standard auto body repair.

If the damage is small and you only need minor hail damage repairs, you want to choose PDR to preserve the look of your car, and you may choose to pay cash versus filing an insurance claim. Check with your insurance agent first, because some plans do cover the cost of PDR. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

However, if you have paint damage caused by the hail stones, then your vehicle will require collision repair. The PDR process does not include paint work and auto body repair does. Take your vehicle to a certified collision repair shop. This ensures the paint work matches the original factory paint. Any dents close to a panel’s edge or large dents may require collision repair and not PDR. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


Reasons To Fix Hail Damage

Your rates should not increase! Hail damage is considered a comprehensive claim, and should not affect your rates. It is always a good idea to speak to your agent to confirm that your rates for your specific policy won’t increase after a hail claim.

You will maintain the resale value of your car! Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy a car with tiny dents all over it. And if they do, they aren’t going to pay the normal price. Fixing the hail damage on your car will ensure that it maintains its resale value. This is a huge reason to file a hail claim and get the dents removed.The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


Auto Hail Repair costs can be expensive

 Hail damage repair bills can be a little shocking if you are not informed. Even very minor hail damage of a few dents may end up costing over a thousand dollars. There are many factors that will affect your estimate and the repair bill. Limited access to the dents as well as their depth may make the costs climb very quickly. For example, you may only have a dent in the roof, but if it is too deep for glue pulling and in a bad spot, the headliner and sunroof may need to be removed and installed which can run a few hundred dollars in labor alone. Typical costs for hail damage repairs on most vehicles will range from $500 up to $4,00 using paintless dent removal.

The team at The Dent Shop has technicians who are certified by manufacturers and certified to perform PDR or collision repair on your vehicle. You have a choice for the type of repair you want. Our team at The Dent Shop can provide a recommendation for the option that will work best. Give us a call for a free estimate for a fast estimate. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880