Remove Hail Dent

Hail damage is one of the most common issues car owners face. According to the Highway Loss National Data Institute, more than 1.5 million hail damage claims were filed between 2008 and 2014.

Oftentimes, hail damage is mild — so mild that in some cases it’s barely noticeable. However, there are instances where golf ball- or even baseball-size hail will strike and wreak havoc on cars. In such cases, windshield and body damage can be extensive, requiring the attention of a qualified repair professional.The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

Unless you really know what you’re doing, attempting to remove hail dent yourself may end up costing you hundreds of dollars and possibly cause further damage to your vehicle. Therefore, hail damage should always be addressed by a professional body shop. They’ll have the necessary tools and experience to safely remove hail dent of your vehicle.

What Tools Are Used?

The tools used to remove hail dent are pretty pricey and require many hours of practice just to know how to use each one.  The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

How To Repair Hail Damage On A Hood

Fixing your own hail can be a daunting task and will require much practice before you get any good at it.  There is no tricks or gimmicks used to remove hail dent on a hood other than good old-fashioned hard work. If you have an older car that you plan on driving to the ground or it’s an older car that has very little value then I would recommend giving paintless dent repair a try but only if you don’t really care about how the outcome looks.

We will show you the ins-and-outs of what you need to know to get started for your own hail repair.  If you have the nerve to give it a try, we will give you the basics of the knowledge you will need to know to give it a valiant stab. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


What are the possible risks associated with trying PDR myself?

The major risk of trying to remove the hail dents from your hood on your own would be cracking the paint or worse, breaking the metal on your hood. That is why it’s very advised that you practice on some dummy hoods before you actually start on your own hood.

It is much harder to remove hail dent than one might think.  I wish there was tricks or gimmicks on how to do this PDR thing but the reality is that nothing is that simple in life. If it was that simple then there would be a PDR tent on every corner.  The fact of the matter is that PDR is an art and just like art it can take a lifetime to learn.  However, I’m not saying that if you practice for a while that you can not improve the look of your hood by trying it yourself, all I’m saying is that it’s not going to be that easy.The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880

We can help you with your hood and you can pick and choose what dents you would like us to remove so that you don’t have to pay much.  The best starting point would be to give us a call and set up a time for you to come over and look at the process and maybe how you can get some pointers on repairing your damage.  Some damage that might not seem that bad is actually impossible to fix so before you waste your valuable time, it might pay off to have a professional look at the damage you are trying to repair.The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880


If you are ever unfortunate enough to get into a hail storm, you know how it can ruin your car’s appearance in a matter of seconds. Traditionally if this happens the body shop would have to replace many of the panels including the roof which has to be cut off and welded back on. This can be very expensive for your insurance company. The entire car is usually repainted which can hurt your resale value. 

Hail damage removal can be very difficult and most technicians, even those with a lot of experience in door dings and other small dents, will struggle to remove hail dent. Hail removal requires complete removal of the dents. If you get 90% of the dent out of a door ding, it will look pretty darn good.  If you get 90% of all the hundreds of hail dents out, it will still be detectable. The Dent Shop has you covered in hail as well.  In most cases, we can remove all of the dents in your car and erase the damage that was done, without repainting.  We are also very careful with the undercoat of your car and we do not drill any holes to access dents. With The Dent Shop, we’ll get your car looking back to pre-storm condition. The Dent Shop  (469) 233-5880